Course format:

Each week of class features 5-10 videos that run for 1-1.5 hours total. In addition, there are reading materials provided for each week, some of which are discussed in the video lectures.

Each week has one comprehensive quiz. There will also be a final exam.

Grading policy:

Here is how the final grade for the course will be calculated:

  1. Weekly quizzes (Weighting: 60%)

Each quiz will contain 10 questions

2. Final exam (Weighting: 40%)

Timed 2 hour exam, 25 questions. Complete in 1 sitting.

More on grading and completing the course:

All graded materials are submitted through the course website and will be graded electronically by the course software.

  • For quizzes and problem sets, you will allowed two attempts each. If you get a question wrong, we will not display the correct answer.
  • For your final exam, you will be allowed only one attempt.
  • You can submit your work until the last day of your session. You can always switch to the next session if you can’t finish within the current session and your course progress will be transferred.
  • You will need to pass all graded assessments  to be able to go to phase 2 or to earn a Course Certificate. For more information, please contact: Learner Help Center.