Our Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Conduct set the basic expectations for everyone who works on behalf of DCA

International agency for sales and supply of Computer Software and Hardware information and communication technology institute

we envisage a caring world where people and organisations unit to respond to other peoples suffering empowering them to fulfill their potentials to promote sustainable economy and social development.

DARULIMAN CAREER ACADEMY is a young, fast-growing organisation that provides a world of career opportunities. Our employees are our greatest asset and we have a world-class expertise in the various business areas that work together coherently to meet DCAs short and long-term objectives.

In return, DARULIMAN CAREER ACADEMY employees enjoy a supportive environment, outstanding opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to be part of a global player in the ICT. arena.

We are always eager to attract ambitious talents with solid experience in the ICT industry. If you are looking for a new challenge and have what it takes to be part of a dynamic and rapid-changing organisation then we like to here from you.

DCA. is a responsible employer that always explores ways to optimise its operations. Care and fairness to our employees, the environment and the wider community comes at the top of our priorities. Here are some of the factors that makes DCA a unique employer:

•A young organisation with vast potential

•We operate anywhere and everywhere

•We invest in our people

•Competitive remuneration and benefits package

Our robust, reliable and prestigious computer training program is guaranteed to take your business or career to the next level through an improvement in your existing skills or the acquisition of a new set of computer skill See our facilities or program to learn more about our program.